Warning- au


Pacifica was pressed against the wall, she couldn't bribe her way out of this 

problem. She heard some some giggling coming from the ceiling... Maybe if she

Didn't move, the monsters- no wait, that was the wrong word- ALIENS

Would go away if she didn't move.The giggling stopped, should she dare looking Up? " ready or not, here we come" a light, girly voice said happily.The aliens Dropped from the ceiling. " please, let me go!" Pacifica said desperately " no,silly" mable said cheerfully. Then she dragged a fat worm out of her Mouth " it will be over soon" dipper said calmly then "he came closer and pinned her to the wall. Mable came closer and closer to her with the fat Worm " this is going to fun" she Said cheerfully. Pacifica screamed,but no one Could hear her.