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Gravity Falls: Secrets Unleashed
is a fanon series based off of Gravity Falls that is created by wiki user DeeBradleyBakerFan.

Main SynthosisEdit

It's been a full year since the events of the original Gravity Falls series, and now Mr. & Mrs. Pines have decided to send their twin children, Dipper and Mabel, back to the mysterious town of Gravity Falls to spend another summer with their great uncle Stan at the Mystery Shack. But then a mysterious final note on Dipper's book, 3, suddenly appears, warning of a big threat to not only Gravity Falls, but to the world, but the only way to stop it is to uncover all 6 books. Now, Dipper and Mabel, along with Grunkle Stan and their good friend Soos, must crack the case, one monster at a time.

List of EpisodesEdit


  • During the credits of each episode, the credits cryptogram hints the next episode.