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Mable was sleeping, dreaming that she was running through a field of cotton candy.

"Whee!" Mable screamed, but then she heard a hissing noise behind her- she whirled arond, seeing nothing behind her yet also realizing she was in a forest now, instead of a field of cotton candy. 

A dark forest... "W-what.." Then she felt a warm boy-like hand cradling her neck. "Help!!!" She wailed at the top of her lungs, then she felt the hand clamp Down on her mouth. Then she felt warm breath on her ear, and a warm voice whispering into her ear, give in, others on the other side of this mirror have, you should join in the fun" (huh) mable thought, confused. "Horrible things could happen if you don't join us" he whispered. Then he took his hand of of her mouth and grabbed her hand and said harshly, "come with me" Mable decided to heck with it, she might as well come with him, plus he was really hot. Mable pines followed him as he walked through the forest, soon he reached a mirror "now, to the journey of a life time!!" He screamed, then he shoved her into a mirror. It had lots of pretty colors, and it reminded her of this tv show dipper had liked to watch at home, she thought it was called sliders or something-whatever, it wasn't that important anyway. Soon, mable had finished going through the tunnel thing. Maybe she was in a alternate reality, like that sliders show or that one episode of that star ship show dipper liked. Alternate realities were cool, maybe in this one, she was a princess! Or a rock star! Or a horse! Maybe she was a pink pony that loved balloons! Only one way to find out, of course. Mable began to walk forwards, looking around the alternate gravity falls. She soon got a gut feeling something was wrong, really wrong. At some point, she saw a closed coffin, it was pink, Her favorite color! But someone dying was sad, of course. Mable could see the occupants of the mystery shack, sans Herself-well, her other self, anyway. Wait.... Just then, her fears were confirmed. Alternate grunkle Stan headed up to the coffin, a grim expression on his face, he began to speak- "We are all here today because of the tragic death of mable pines, the actual cause of her death is unconfirmed, foul play is suspected...." (OH MY GOSH) mable thought, horrified. Just then, she felt a tap on her shoulder, then looked behind her and saw the boy in her dream-wait, she was still dreaming, wasn't she? The boy spoke then "either join us here and now, or I will show you more, including a pleasant little reality where Dipper was flayed-" "stop! Stop it you jerk!!" Mable screeched angrily "I'll join you, ok?" The boy grinned from ear to ear.