Pacifica Northwest


Pacifica is another designated villain, and Mabel and Cryss's rival

Rivalry with MabelEdit

Mabel and Pacifica are rivals, when it comes to competitions. Mabel and Pacifica competed for the Party Queen title.

Rivalry with CryssEdit

Cryss and Pacifica are romantic rivals, and both compete for Dipper's affections. Pacifica's flirting is usually as subtle as a hand-grenade. She'll go over the top, and bribe Dipper, being the only one who doesn't understand that you can't buy love.

Author's Opinions on Pacifica (Must be signed)Edit

I think Pacifica is just a snotty girl, who doesn't understand that money can't buy happiness, and will bribe her crush, even though he doesn't give a crap aboutthe cash. NYANYANYAN!!! DA SQUID FAD YO!! I'm partially crazy, Miya Parker 00:14, August 11, 2012 (UTC)

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