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Wendy was running, she was afraid of what would happen if she stopped aliens were getting everyone, soos had suspected there were aliens in the town, Tambry had suspected Something was wrong with the pines twins, turns out, they were both right... Which sucked... suddenly, mabel came down from the sky, lifting her up in the air. " You have to be dipper's Queen" she said cheerfully. Wendy hit her and she cried out and wendy hit the ground, she jumped to her Feet. Almost everyone was....gone, what should she do? she felt something in her neck, and everything went black... When she came to, she was trapped in a slimy pod, with thin tendrils binding her to the bottom of the Pod, a crown was shoved on her head, it was made from gray metal in the shape of a small, flat silver disc With tiny spheres along the edges. The Queen's crown? Must be.....

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