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Wendy was "working" at the the mystery shack, like usual Her buds dipper & mable were who-knows-where. She called up Tambry "Hey,what's up?". Tambry said " I think something's wrong with those Kids, dipper & mable" " c,mon, Tambry, don't be crazy". " I'm NOT, ok? I just want you to be careful" Wendy hung up, Tambry was acting WEIRD Today. Wendy headed outside, looking at the pretty sky. Then, something fell From a tree, she headed to the tree, and picked it up. It was a scroll... She unrolled it, it said: would you mind being a Queen? Yes [] no [] DEFINTELY[] ( p.s this info is for someone else) "huh, I guess being a Queen Would be cool... A Queen of WHAT though? Whatever, it's just hypothetical Anyway" then wendy checked DEFINTELY, and headed into the mystery shack. Wendy wondered what that was about....

LATER " she answered!" Mable said cheerfully "what did she answer?" "DEFINTELY!" " yes! Yes!"

~ He knew he couldn't rejoice yet, he wouldn't know her real answer Until he and mable had finished the takeover.... They had WORK to do.

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