Soos is a portly and lovable employee whose desire to be where the action is makes him an excellent resource for the twins when they need a ride about town. He likes to be in the center of the action, whether that’s tagging along on Dipper’s and Mabel’s adventures or helping Grunkle Stan with his latest scheme. Aside from the kids, he’s the only other person who sees all the strange things happening in Gravity Falls. He said he "thinks the mailman is a werewolf," but instead it is just the mailman is very hairy. Soos also has a good relationship with Mabel Pines, as they even have a secret handshake. Dipper likes him also, but gets mad easily as shown in The Legend of the Gobblewonker.


  • TV captions often misspell his name as "Zeus."
  • His name is a palindrome, meaning it is spelled the same way backward as it is forward

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