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Tambry KNEW something was wrong with the pines twins... She had talked to Wendy, but she,d brushed her of. She texted Thompson C M AT THE P he responded with K I WILL She headed to the park, to wait for Thompson. She saw a fat dude sitting on A bench, she was curious about why he looked so sad... NO he didn't have a phone, things would be weird.... Then she saw Thompson

HI T she texted him, he came over and sat down " hey" he said 

She texted her suspicions to him, but he didn't like it either. She decided she Would go to the fat dude, maybe he would listen... She came over to the fat dude " hi" wow, talking was weird... The dude looked At her "I want to talk about the pines twins" the dude seemed interested.

~ Dipper saw Tambry talking to soos, he should tell mable, since they both suspected something was wrong with them, and if they somehow got enough evidence,they could threaten the take over, though at least they had stuff slowing them down...