It was finally summer again. The Pines Twins were on the bus going to Gravity Falls for about 12 hours. Mabel yelled "I'm so excited!!! We finally get to see everyone!!! I can't wait!!"

Dipper replied "Yeah, I'm excited, too...but we may be a while before-"

"All off for Gravity Falls!" The bus driver yelled. 

Mabel shot out of her seat, out of the bus, with Dipper carrying their stuff, with Waddles right behind them. They then looked up to see the Mystery Shack. Outside it was Soos, Wendy, Melody, Stan and Ford. Soos than yelled "Guys!!" They then ran up to everyone and nearly bowled them over. "Kids, I know you're excited to see us, and we are too, but can you get off before my orthopedic acts up again?" Stan asked. They did. "Hey, dudes, let me take your stuff to your rooms." Soos said. Dipper than said, "Thanks for letting us stay here at the Shack, Soos." "No problem. Plus, Melody and I sleep in Ford's old room. So Stan can have his old room, and Ford can sleep in his lab." Soos said. Ford than said "Hey, we sort of got you some stuff... do you want to unwrap it now, or...." Mabel jumped off the sofa, and sprung into the pile of presents. Dipper than said, "Mabel, wait. Can't we open them together?" Mabel agreed. "These are from....Soos and Melody!" Dipper said. Mabel opened a scrapbook for the summer. It had a shooting star on the cover. Dipper got something else. "A flashlight?" He asked? "Not just any flashlight, dawg! It doubles as a black light!!" Dipper than smiled. Wendy gave Mabel a new collar for Waddles and gave Dipper his Pinetree hat back. Stan got Dipper a handmade book, titled "A conman's guide to tricking others and picking locks." Mabel got her own set of brass knuckles. Then Ford came in with his. Mabel then got a laser gun of her own. Dipper than opened his and found a burgundy leather book with a golden six fingered hand on the cover marked "4". "I filled it with all the information from the original journals, plus some new stuff, and some blank pages at the back for you to write in."

They had the best summer ever.

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