The Trodeg of Terror is the second episode of the series Gravity Falls: Secrets Unleashed.

Main SynthosisEdit

The Mystery Shack's newest attraction, a life-sized replica of a Trodeg, all the way from Rhaneliner, Wisconsin, has just arrived, and is bringing in lots of new tourists. But that night, something strange happens. Someone, or something, breaks into the Mystery Shack's cash register and steals all of the day's earnings, leaving only a tuft of dark green fur and a hole in the fake Trodeg's case. Can Dipper and Mabel uncover the mystery of the new attraction, or will the Mystery Shack be shut down - permanently . . .

Running GagsEdit

End Credits CryptogramEdit

QL HBBM FK PEXMB, PQXOQ ORKKFKD, which when put through the Caesar Cipher, becomes TO KEEP IN SHAPE, START RUNNING.


  • The Trodeg and its hometown are based off of the legend of the Hodag.

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