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Today was the day, Wendy had broken up with Robbie so he was going to ask Her out... He headed to Wendy's house. He took a deep breath, he was ready Dipper rung the doorbell when no one answered, he carefully headed into her house... dipper heard her wonderful voice coming from her room so he headed There. "I CAN'T eat him, not yet... Don't worry, I will, I promise". ... "What? I-I DON'T like him!" " I TOLD you, I'm waiting for later... EXACTLY WHAT makes you the boss- oh, yeah..." What was wendy talking about? He had a bad Feeling about this... He froze, unsure. Wait! He knew! He'd keep listening. " I KNOW how important it is- " then wendy started murmuring softly Dipper came closer, curious. " Ok... " she said weakly, you're right..." Suddenly, the door flew open, and he saw wendy watching him hungrily " sorry Dipper, this is for your own GOOD" then she prepared to lunge, but he could see Doubt in her eyes... But not enough.. He fled in terror.. How could the truth Be so HORRIBLE?

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