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It had been a long night for Wendy, what with the break up And everything. However, it was time to move on with her life. Wendy headed into the mystery shack, sipping from some Pitt soda, then her foot caught on something and she crashed to the ground. Wendy's soda spread over the floor, and Wendy moaned, first the break up, now THIS? Plus, grunkle Stan would probably want her to clean it up. Great, just great.... Wendy looked behind her, wanting to know what was responsible for more misery On her end. OH GOSH... Mable was lying unconsicous on the ground, looking horribly Pale, with a hint of grayness to her skin, made worse by the blood trickling from the corners of her mouth And the bruising underneath her eyes and covering her eyelids, and, of course, makeing the twisted picture complete, Additional bleeding in the form of blood trickling from her noise and a reopened wound on her knee. " mable!" Wendy screamed, dashing over to her. She stood up, horrified wendy opened her mouth and screamed " help! Someone help! Anyone!" No one came to her aid. This was bad, very, very, bad.... She realized she had a phone, why hadn't she recalled that earlier? Wendy dug out her phone and hurriedly Dialed 9-1-1, and told them about what had happened, soon, she could hear the sound of an ambulance siren. They rushed in, placing mable on the stretcher and carrying her out. Wendy wondered what possibly could have happened to mable. Plus... Where was everyone else? After the ambulance left she began to search the mystery shack for others, yet she found she could not find anyone, Even her annoying boss grunkle Stan. But she had to keep looking, usually, Wendy was quick to give up on a task, but not this time, DEFINTELY not this time. At some point, she opened up mable's closet and saw her friends candy and grenda stuffed inside the closet, suffering From the same... Whatever it was mable had. Wendy hastily dialed 9-1-1 yet again, and she could hear the ambulance Yet again. Soon, they had arrived.... Man, this was getting old. Candy and grenda were carried out on the stretchers, and Wendy was back to searching. At some point, she called the ambulance for soos when sh saw him in he yard, suffering from the bizarre ailment. Ok, that was it- Wendy wasn't a mystery person, but she was going to get to the bottom of this.

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