Wendy is first seen when Grunkle Stan asks her to put signs up in the woods. She is seen reading a magazine, and says it's too far away for her to do. Wendy is described as a rule breaker. For example, she gave Dipper the keys to the Mystery Shack golf cart even though he was not old enough to drive.


Wendy is a mellow and cool teen who is a part-time worker at The Mystery Shack. She is just like any other ordinary teen, who wants to be an adult.

Physical appearanceEdit

At the current age of sixteen, Wendy is a very tall and skinny high school student. She has pale skin and freckles. She has long red hair and is usually seen wearing a tan and black bomber or "lumberjack" hat, most likely because her dad is a lumberjack. Her standard outfit is a green plaid shirt with a white tank top underneath, blue skinny jeans and muddy black combat boots. She also has her ears pierced.